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Love TV is the Bear Gryllis of live art events. Plunging head first into the public domain, creating work in places that have never been used such as car parks, side walks and streets, this talk show with a punk disco edge has been presented at major festival internationally. This Included a partenership with The City Of New York presenting the work through out the five boroughs as part of their Urban art program, Sydney Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Brisbane Festival, Parramatta Parralanes and The Rocks Village Bizarre Sydney.
Love TV the most private conversation in the most public space is a unique, bold and engaging interactive live art event that explores peoples relationship to each other, their public space and themselves through a one on one conversation with the Goddess Aphrodite played by Rebecca McIntosh.
Enigmatic hostess, Aphrodite entice well-known celebrities, musicians, local heroes and members of the local community into her mobile Hot PinK TV to be interviewed about their intimate stories and passions or perform a love song. A DJ, Mc and Love Wranglers bring the action out of the booth onto the street.
The action is filmed and broadcast live to screens/projectors and the best of is edited for sharing on-line and broadcast on TV.
The producers have a proven method of engagement that develops a program relevant and specific to the event allowing the community to co-author the live social documentary of their public space.
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